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The Pageant Stylist 2022 Predictions

I started writing this blog post in December 2021 but only just now seen this was in my drafts.

As International season is about to be among us, I thought I would publish and see if any of my predictions would come to fruition.

Secondary Colours- Green, Orange & Purple

Red and blue will always be a firm favorite (Yellow is having its moment also) but I'm predicting a wave of experimentation. The queen of the future is going against the grain and wanting to intentionally stand out with her choice of colour. Various unique shades of green (particularly mint & teal), Orange and Purple will be bubbling up.

Colour Clashing

The old saying "Blue and green should never be seen" will belong forgotten this season. Colour combos I see making an appearance are:

Pink & Red

Yellow & Aqua

Aqua & Royal Blue

Yellow & Orange

Purple & Pink

Looks that make a statement

The international pageant stages are guaranteed to receive wide audiences and queens are now harnessing this power to make a public stand for issues they feel passionate about. Political and social movement statements, such as Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, Me Too, Transgender Rights and even Stop the spread of Covid-19 have been gradually on the rise and I see this being taken up a notch.

There has been mixed opinions on whether it is 'appropriate' but I personally LOVE that you can make an impact statement through the art of dressing.

Slick Hair

I love me a slick rick moment and I have a feeling this will be making it way to the stage in SS22 and following into AW22. The big bouncy curls will always be a staple but there is a new league of risk takers coming through the pack ready to make their mark with all the sleek vibes.

Comment below what trends you think will be doing the rounds this year.

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