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How It All Began

Growing up in the most poverty stricken area of London (and the uk) in the 90’s, I lived in my sisters hammy downs, however she was 8 years older than me! I’ll let that sink in....8 years!!!!

Clothing in my household was always seen as ‘practical’ it did it’s job of keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer. Not the kinda cool that I hoped, prayed and dreamt for.

No shade to my parents at all, style/fashion isn’t everyone’s priority when bringing up kids.

Fast forward a few years of finally being able to creatively express myself and educating myself on the fashion industry.

I started working for the American brand Kate Spade where I learnt a lot from working in the shop floor.... instead of selling clothes, I approached it in a way of playing dress up with everyone that had the time to entertain me. I built up a fabulous and loyal client base that turned to me for every life event, weddings, birthdays, movie premiers, royal engagements etc. It was so much fun and I missed this terribly when I left.

Pageantry and fashion have been two of my greatest loves and I can’t believe it took me so long to create The Pageant Stylist..... we got there in the end!

It all comes down to the passion I have not only seeing someone look amazing but seeing someone FEEL phenomenal.

When you have a killer outfit on, you can take on the world! 

Seeing someone “feeling themselves” is something that moves me to my core and I’m so blessed to now play dress up with some of the worlds most fabulous women.

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